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Product Support & Faq

Product Support

Grain Dryer

Grain Dryer Machine from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA uses Biomas heating system to make it Drying System more environmentally friendly (go green). In addition, production costs can be cheaper.Our Dryer 100% Knock Down thats making it easy to install.

Rice Milling Unit

Rice Milling Unit (RMU) from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA can be customized with various capacities, ranging from small scale needs, middle capacity to large capacity. In addition We sale the complete line RMU sale of onefactories, we also sell these machines separately.

Weighing & Packaging, Vacuum

Weighing & Packaging, Vacuum or Machine is a series of products of PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA to support accurate transactions with accurate quantities and packaging with various pakageincluding vaccum system to increase product selling price.

Color Sorter

Color Sorter from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA can be used for several commodity choices such as rice, corn, soybeans, tea and others. Color separation technology is already using new technology with more precise election results.

Tester/Lab Equipment

Tester and Lab Equipment from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA consists of various types of machines that are portable and static tosupport the user decide the decision or information to their supplier about raw material. The results of these tools strongly support plant operations.


Silo from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA is a solution for warehouse receipt system and safer raw materialfor long-term agriculture harvesting. Silo is designed with a certain system, so keep the quality of agricultural products to avoid undamaged for long periods of time.

Rice Nursery

Rice Nursery or DAPOG Machine is a modern and innovative hatchery concept. DAPOG engine or Rice Nursery makes seeding system easier, sure and can be integrated with rice planting machine.

Food & Woof Processing

Food & Woof Processing from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA consists of several processing machines for food and animal feed. Utilization of these machines can certainly support you to get more controlled, valuable and profitable production.


Harvester Machine from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA supports you to shorten harvest time, reduce costs and help reduce loses or loss of crops in the field. This Harvest Machine or Harvest Machine has certain land qualification to support the machine can operate optimally.

Other Products

Other products from PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA is a selection of supporting machines that complement, simplify, and make the processing of agricultural products by Mechanization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of PT.TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA products compared to oter similar brands?

Product of PT.TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA are always present with the latest technological developments in accordance with Indonesian agricultural conditions, product quality, and after sales service.

How to if you want to know product specification more detail and detail?

You can email here, by filling out an existing form, or by LIVE CHAT (online) service with PT.TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA Team.

What kind of purchase guarantee does PT.TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA provides?

Each product has a warranty period, warranty of spare parts availability, and reliable technicians from PT.TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA for installation and maintenance.

Is the delivery of the machine can be done to other place outside Java area?

PT.TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA products ready to send to all around Indonesia.