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About Us



PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA was founded by Dr. RASWIN WIDJAJA, MBA . In 1995, is engaged in the distribution of dryer dryer for grains , especially for rice and corn.

Dr. RASWIN WIDJAJA, MBA believes that drying machines for grain will reduce crop losses from damage, and increase the efficiency of rice mill, and improve the quality of grain rollers >. On the basis of this view, the dryer was introduced in Rawa Merta Kerawang village, in cooperation with PUSKUD West Java The introduced drying machine is Multiple Re-Circulation Batch type, as a socialization effort to the community.

This socialization effort takes a long time to convince the community, only acceptable to the community and the owners of the rice mills . It is possible that farmers feel that sun drying is the most efficient, and so far there is no problem.

Since 2000, the dryer was only acceptable to the rice milling entrepreneur in East Java , and further expanded throughout < Strong> Indonesia . Owners of rice mills are aware, grain is machine-drained to produce high rendeman, and drying can be done 24 hours a day. The purchase of grain from farmers becomes unlimited in the presence of dryers , and farmers is not difficult to sell grain < / Strong> its still wet. The heat sources used by dryers are fuel (diesel and kerosene).

The fuel price hikes in 2004 were particularly burdensome for entrepreneurs who use dryers . Faced with the fact, PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA launches husk furnace product as heat source, utilizes husk available and abundant.

To date, many companies are using husk stoves and the results are very satisfactory. Chaff as a heat source in the grain drying process overcame non-fuel heat sources, such as coal and gas. Cheap drying costs and waste can be used as fertilizer. With this PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA has helped the government in terms of saving fuel consumption.

The drying machine and other machines distributed by PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA have met the quality standards of various institutions, including from KAN (National Accreditation Committee) and Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Testing Center (BPMA) Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia .

PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA succeeded in establishing integrated rice milling , already operating at Bone, South Sulawesi . In addition, PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA is expanding its activities by supplying Food Processing Machineries PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA prepares professionals to provide the best service ranging from factory design, operational manpower training (technical knowhow & production management system) , solve technical problems, and build turn -key project.

Currently PT TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA has obtained Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate No.QEC28172 from SAI GLOBAL, ANAB and KAN .

Distributed Products

Processing machine results

Processing machine results, among others Rice Mill to rice integrated, flour maker, packaging machine, scales machine (manual and automatic) , Frying machine , and other related machines.


Tools and machines to safely store products ( silos ) of various capacities, conveyor , etc.


Machine to move liquids (pumps).

Generator engine

Generator engine (power) of various capacities. Custom machines desired by customers.

Custom machines

Custom machines desired by customers.