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Husk Burner

types and specifications

Direct Series

The husk furnace is an innovation that we started to introduce since 2005, especially at that time when the price of fuel was soaring so that the cost of drying with diesel was no longer efficient.
Husk Burner or Husk Furnace that we offer consists of various capacities. Investment can also be made by buying 1 unit of Dryer which is able to supply heat to 3 Dryers or the term is 1:3.
Husk Burner or Husk Furnace investment in addition to getting cheaper drying costs, is an investment in accordance with current and current production capacities.
We provide Husk Burner or Husk Furnace with Direct (Direct) and Indirect (Indirect) heating. Perfect husk combustion, controlled heat distribution, computerized, semi-automatic, good air filter system are the advantages of our products.
gambar harga jual beli tungku sekam husk burner biomass direct series au1000 au1300 PT Trimitra Sukses Bersama

Direct Series
AU-1000 & AU-1300

Capacity: Husk Burner Can be combined with 1-3 Dryer (1:3)