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types and specifications

Silo is a storage medium resulting from drying or other processing processes that allow the commodity to be stored for a longer time. There are several main materials for making Silo such as Galvanize, cement, etc. However, for Silo products that PT. Trimitra Sukses Bersama offers ingredients from Galvanize a minimum of 27 mg³. The advantages of using Silos include:
  • Storing materials and a deferral system that can maintain price stability or increase profits.
  • Commodities stored in silos are guaranteed not to change in quality or water content because in nature the silos are equipped with a material rotary system with an auger, so that the materials do not just pile up.
  • The silo has a good aeration system so that even though the commodity is stored for a long period of time, it does not damage and is free from infestation of lice and fungi.
  • The cost of using a silo in the long term can reduce storage costs or warehouse investment and sack costs.
gambar flat bottom silo harga jual beli Silo PT Trimitra Sukses Bersama

Flat Bottom Silo

Usually used for storage of 1000 tons and above. This type of silo requires precise calculations for the strength of the foundation. The material casting system uses a chain and elevator with a vertical system.

gambar Hopper Bottom Silo harga jual beli Silo PT Trimitra Sukses Bersama

Hopper Bottom Silo

Silo is a type of silo that is usually used for storage of materials ranging from 100 to 500 tons. This is due to the Buttom Silo structure which must be adjusted to the Silo load. The system of input and output of materials into the silo uses a vertical system through elevators and chains.