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types and specifications

gambar produk harga jual beli Rubber Roller PT Trimitra Sukses Bersama

Rubber Roller

PT. TRIMITRA SUKSES BERSAMA provides various types of Rubber Roller for Husker machine needs, starting from the size diameter 6 "-20". RUBBER ROLLER is made from materials with good quality rubber as well as good hardness level.

gambar produk harga jual beli Dock Suction Machine PT Trimitra Sukses Bersama

Dock Suction Machine

A more efficient grain transfer system solution with speeds up to hundreds of tons / hour.
With this tool the removal process does not depend on weather conditions, With centralized settings and automation reduces human error and facilitates our work system. At the time of removal (in the event of rain), it does not make the material that we move to become wet/moist again. The materials we move do not stick to dust (higeinis) and are environmentally friendly.

gambar produk harga jual beli XYL Mobile Unloader PT Trimitra Sukses Bersama

XYL Mobile Unloader

Helps grain transfer process from warehouse to truck or ship . The system uses suction power so as to reduce the cost of pakage, This machine is also effective and efficient because it can reduce the loading time of raw materials.